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System is the fastest way to find, synthesize, and contextualize scientific literature, beginning in health and life sciences.

The volume of research is growing all the time. The tools you use to navigate it aren’t keeping up.

The depth and breadth of information you need to stay on top of is increasing, but the technology there to help you hasn’t changed in years. Search still means sifting through thousands of results. The more science advances, the harder the problem gets.

Plus, the way we search no longer reflects our best understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of the systems that make up our world — from health to climate to the economy. We are driven to see silos instead of systems, impairing the quality and reliability of our decisions.

System reimagines search from the ground up, using AI to extract, relate, and visualize the findings of research. Save hours reviewing the literature — and get help connecting the dots to make better decisions.

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Synthesized evidence

With other search tools, you have to analyze and stitch together the literature on your own. System synthesizes the evidence for you: for a given paper, a topic or variable, or a relationship between them.

Transparent sources and methods

For insights to be actionable, they need to be explainable first. With System, you can see the source data for every relationship on the platform, including direct links to the underlying studies, and the statistical methods used to compute them.

Findings in context

Your search is usually constrained to what you already know to look for. System puts findings from studies in the context of related areas, helping you discover other factors to consider for research plans or clinical decisions.

Relevant results

Now it’s simple to focus your literature review on the population characteristics you care about. System starts by locating the statistical findings that match the filters in your search, so you’ll only find relevant papers.

What physicians and researchers are saying

The thing that stands out to me most is the interconnections between different conditions. I like how it’s all interrelated like a web, because it’s true: medicine is extremely integrated.

Dr. Scott Parrotta
Family Medicine

One of the most time-intensive aspects of my work is synthesizing evidence from the ever-expanding literature. System not only simplifies this process, it also contextualizes it in a way that facilitates systemic understanding and exploration.

Josh Colston, PhD
Epidemiologist & Research, Scientist, UVA School of Medicine

System gives you a quick search that takes the place of going on PubMed and looking through study by study by study. It’s very helpful to get a quick answer.

Dr. Phillip Santoiemma
Infectious Diseases, Northwestern Medicine

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