Our Charter

Public Benefit Charter

To advance and protect System’s purpose, System Inc. is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. Our charter, copied below, explicitly codifies our commitment to open data and open science and our values of inclusion, rationality, impact, openness, and humility.

The specific public benefit to be promoted by the Corporation is to: relate everything, to help the world see and solve anything, as a system.

To deliver this public benefit, we will:

  • Maintain a free, open, and collaborative knowledge base of the world’s systems, hosted at System.com, that is designed to help people understand how all things in the world are statistically related.

  • Maintain free and open access to content shared by users on System.com.

  • Share the statistical metadata on System.com in an open and interoperable format, and actively support open data and open science.

  • Uphold strict user data privacy and never sell user data to any third party.

  • Release features to the general public only after they have undergone an internal review of their potential unintended consequences.

  • Promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion in our hiring and employment policies and practices at all levels of our company.

  • Promote the scientific method and the values of scientific thinking.

  • Support education and outreach initiatives to promote systems literacy in society, especially in communities that need it the most.

  • Prioritize using the profits we make from enterprise licenses of our software to run System.com and invest in R&D to sustain the income needed to run System.com. We will then prioritize providing a reasonable return on risk to our employees and investors.

  • Deliver a benefit statement annually that will measure the results of our efforts to promote these public benefits.