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From silos to systems in global public health

Global health is an increasingly complex and interdependent system, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear. But the global health community is still largely organized into silos, impairing our ability to develop sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems we face — from malaria to undernutrition and mental health.

At System, we’re trying to change that.

System is a free, open and living public resource that aims to explain how anything in the world is related to everything else. Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a growing community of researchers and practitioners, we’re connecting data and knowledge from across the global health community to create a shared tool for systems thinking.
Our vision is to statistically relate everything in the world as one system to help us all make better decisions — at home, at work, and as a society. We very much hope you’ll join us.

Join us in creating an open platform for global health

To inquire about sharing your research, request early write access to the beta, or discuss a potential partnership, email Patrick Wedlock, Global Health Lead (

  • Founded by Adam Bly, former VP Data, Spotify
  • Incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation
  • Patent granted for Systems and Methods for Finding and Organizing Data

What the global health community is saying:

System is changing how I think about my research. It helps me visualize the context for my work on food security and nutrition and sheds light on potential mechanisms for interventions and interdisciplinary collaborations.
Angela Trude,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, NYU
Research teams working on chronic disease and behavioral strategies tend to work on different aspects of the same problems without avenues for shared learning and interactions. System will be instrumental in helping teams align on shared goals and optimize efficiency in progressive model development.
Atif Adam,
Systems Scientist
We are extremely impressed with System. We look forward to growing our work together and continuing to support systems thinking in global health.
Andrew Trister,
Deputy Director of
Digital Health and Innovation,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation