By and for the world

System is a public resource being built by and for the world. We invite systems thinkers from all walks of life — research, design, data science, journalism, engineering, policy, medicine, etc. — to join us in our mission to relate everything.

The current public beta release benefited from consultations and testing over three years with hundreds of data scientists, researchers, and scholars.

Love the idea and vision behind this –

Evan W. via Twitter

There is a huge need for this platform. It's so innovative. I can see how this can help solve many problems with how we build systems models and will fit in very well with where the field is headed.

Tak I.

Let the paradigm shift. I’m all anticipation for what this will become!

Melody R. via LInkedIn

This project was a part of my dream when I was a philosophy student. Congrats! I want to thank you now, as a developer.

Fersat O.


Anthony D.

Perfect timing. The world really needs this now. So many crises at once.

RitaSue S. via LinkedIn

The tool is incredible, really intuitive and easy to use. I also see a lot of potential for improving policy development. So exciting!

Monica H.

The new System project is a neat thing to keep an eye on. Kind of like a spacial Wikipedia.

Steve P. via Twitter

System works by gathering statistical evidence of relationships between topics. It organises and visualises the gathered information with all the supporting data by its side. The result is a holistic view. It is pure joy to use and browse.

Philipp T. via Creativerly

Thank you for your great initiative, especially in making this resource public and open.

Privan S. via Slack

As someone who is from a science background and now working in IT, the idea of a product or service that can help create meaning and relationships between things is enormously powerful and exciting.

Michael L.

This is a tremendous and visionary undertaking.

Daniel C. via LinkedIn

If you're in policy or tech or just keen, take a look at the revolutionary It's a free and open public resource that breaks down silos of data and knowledge, finding new ways to join up what we know.

Nick T. via Twitter

A true gamechanger, System is a shared tool for systems thinking, an open platform for data sets to help us with predicting outcomes, making decisions and improving the state of our world.

Caroline B. via LinkedIn

Openness is one of our core values as a Public Benefit Corporation. Here’s how we plan to realize it:

  • As we release new features, we open a discussion on our Slack community to gather feedback.
  • Our technical documentation (including our methodologies) is open and will be regularly updated for peer review.
  • With each major release, we will publish a blog post outlining the societal risks we see and what we’ve done to try to mitigate them (in accordance with our charter).
  • The statistical metadata on System will soon be open (in accordance with our charter).
  • We plan to open source various parts of our code base.

The System community is committed to maintain a positive, inclusive, and constructive approach while helping to build System. Our Code of Conduct explains how we expect community participants to interact with each other.