Our Purpose

Relate everything

For much of history, the world has been clustered into silos. Disciplines, departments, functions, ministries, parties, countries, genders… We gave these silos labels. And then we organized information, allocated resources, and grouped people based on those labels.

It turns out the world isn’t so simple. In recent years, we’ve started to appreciate that it is complex and interdependent. And increasingly so. Beneath the surface, the world is a system — made of endlessly interacting, flowing, dependent parts. And these myriad relationships give rise to the complexity we now observe and experience all around us, perhaps most notably in the effects of COVID-19 and climate change.

Against rising complexity, it is no wonder many silos are beginning to crack. Organizing the world’s information into silos no longer reflects our best understanding of the world. And it limits our abilities to reliably predict outcomes, make decisions, mitigate risks — and improve the state of the world.

We believe that it is time to evolve the way we organize knowledge and data — from silos to systems. So we created System. Our mission is to relate everything, to help the world see and solve anything, as a system.

We are architecting a new kind of values-driven technology company that builds software with purpose. System Inc. is a Public Benefit Corporation. You can read our promises to our users, employees, customers, investors, and to society in our charter.