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2022 Public Benefit Report

Esther Orudiakumo


Today we are sharing our first Public Benefit Report, which details the progress we’ve made against each of the commitments outlined in our charter.

This company has a social purpose at its core. Adam Bly founded System because he believes that the future depends on society having the ability to understand and manage complexity. System exists to relate everything in the world — so that our users can better understand and manage the systems that make up their world.

This document, which came out of reflection by our team at a recent offsite, is one way of holding ourselves accountable to that purpose as a company.

We present this report in the spirit of openness, humility, and collaboration. 

Below is a review of each commitment and our status for each in 2022:

Maintain a free, open, and collaborative knowledge base of the world’s systems, hosted at, that is designed to help people understand how all things in the world are statistically related.

Yes. remains free and accessible to the general public.

Promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion in our hiring and employment policies and practices at all levels of our company.

Yes. We continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion in our hiring and employment practices. 

Here is the latest breakdown of diversity within our team:

  • % non-male (total) = 44%
  • % non-male (leadership) = 50%
  • % non-white (total) = 44%
  • % non-white (leadership) = 50%


Maintain free and open access to content shared by users on

Yes. All content shared by users is freely and openly accessible. 

Promote the scientific method and the values of scientific thinking.

Yes. We place a strong emphasis on accurately representing scientific information throughout the product. The scientific method is also reflected in the way we think and build as a team.

Share the statistical metadata on in an open and interoperable format, and to actively support open data and open science. 

Yes. We are testing API-based access to the statistical metadata on System. We actively support open science through our use of a CC license.

Uphold strict user data privacy and never sell user data to any third party.

Yes. We follow GDPR requirements and we do not sell user data. 

Support education and outreach initiatives to promote systems literacy in society, especially in communities that need it the most.

No. While we supported community-building efforts (like our open Slack community channel) and held both in-person and virtual events, education and outreach has not yet been a priority.

Release features to the general public only after they have undergone an internal review of their potential unintended consequences.

Yes. We introduced the practice of publishing what we call “Release Risks” with major releases to openly share potential unintended consequences and how we are mitigating them.

Prioritize using the profits we make from enterprise licenses of our software to run and invest in R&D to sustain the income needed to run, and to then prioritize providing a reasonable return on risk to our employees and investors.

N/A. We anticipate fulfilling this commitment upon profitability.