A knowledge base of the world’s systems

System is a free, open, and living public resource that aims to explain how anything in the world is related to everything else.

Today, System comprises thousands of relationships between hundreds of topics, and counting. As the world becomes increasingly complex and interdependent, our vision is to statistically relate everything as one system. We believe that seeing the whole system will help us all make better decisions — at home, at work, and as a society.


System is built on top of the System Platform, which comprises a suite of APIs, connectors, and packages powered by a large-scale graph database.

The platform collects, enriches, normalizes, resolves, and stores metadata about things that are related statistically. These relationships can be searched and retrieved through open standards. The essence of the platform is the statistical relationship.

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The statistical evidence on System is retrieved from peer-reviewed scientific papers, open data, and open machine learning models, and added by a community of scientists and systems thinkers.

In the near future, anyone will be able to contribute evidence of relationships to System using a variety of tools. We are actively working on ways — both human and machine-driven — to ensure the quality of information on System.

The determination of what datasets, models, and papers statistics are retrieved from currently falls to members of our team and to users who are beta testing the tools we’ve built to contribute to System.

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Like Wikipedia, System is being built by and for the world under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. We’re committed to maintaining free and open access to System, and to sharing the statistical metadata on System in an open and interoperable format. We actively support open data and open science.

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